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About Shevaun

I see you.

Safe on the periphery. Fiercely loyal. Hoarse from cheering on all those around you.

You, are a firefly in a jar, hiding in the shadow of the light you create for others.

But, you can no longer sit in contemplation. You cannot stand to be invisible. You cannot run or hide from your deepest truth, that when the call of your soul rises up, and out of your mouth as fire, you must answer it.

It is safe to be seen fully. To share authentically. And, it is brave to gather up all your broken off pieces, committed to healing and growth.

May you recognize through me a renewed sense of hope, a widened perspective, and the profound knowledge, that you will not die from your pain; forged, you will emerge even more beautiful.


Shevaun Voisin

Resident Therapist